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Business Partners

FashionJunkies.nl is looking for structural business partners. The core values of our company are trust and quality. We guarantee profitable and sustainable cooperation with our customers and suppliers and preferably work on the basis of exclusivity.
If you are interested in acquiring large parties click here (button acquisition parties)

Buy or sell stock lots?

If you are a trademark owner, manufacturer, manufacturer, importer, distributor or commercial agent, it is probably important that the sales market is protected. FashionJunkies.nl specializes in export to a wide range of countries and helps you to expand and protect your market. Brandedstocklots.com is set up to supply large parties.

If you are a potential sellers of lots of exclusive quality or in case you want to register as a distribution partner, please contact us with the form below. FashionJunkies.nl receives monthly new offers and lots of well-known fashion brands. You can also contact us regularly and ask about the current offers.



Please inform us if you are interested in one of our products, we will send you the product details and quotations.



Phone: +31 6 341 894 00

Staalstraat 163/165

1951 MB Velsen, Noord

The Netherlands

(15 minutes from Amsterdam)

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